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Friday, April 6, 2012
30 Mile Hike

Starting At:12:15 PM

We plan to meet at the home of Bill and Dorothy Vogel at 12:15 PM, DV, and carpool from there to the start of the trail. Everybody is welcome to go 10 miles to the pickup point. The guys can trek another 5 miles to camp and get a ride back from there, or sleep overnight to go the remaining 15 miles to the end. If you can't join us on Saturday during the day, the guys are welcome to get a ride to camp on Friday evening or Saturday morning and pick it up from there.

*** NOTE: The camp location hasn't been completely finalized yet. Also, there is a good chance we'll hike in the opposite direction from normal. Stay tuned... *****

You can visit the Facebook event page at: http://on.fb.me/30mile2012

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